ANCCS APC Members (terms)

President- Camilla Malchoff, Parent (2015-2018)
Vice-President - Daryl Griggs, Community (2016-2018) 
Treasurer- Elizabeth Hancock (perpetual)
Secretary - Bonnie Davis, Parent (2016-2019)

Clara Amidon, Staff (2017-2018)
Denise Ray, Staff (2017-2018)
Alicia Ambrosio, Parent, (2017-2020)
Amanda Bouffioux, Parent (2016-2019)
Drea Whiteside-Ferrell, Parent (2017-2020)
Barbara Amos, Community (2017-2018))
Principal Bongi Agerter, ex-officio 


Founders Council

Martha Gould-Lehe, Founder (perpetual)
Sheila Sweetsir, Founder (perpetual)
Janann Kauffman, Founder (perpetual)


Elders Council

Lucy Brown, Elder (perpetual)
Agnes Baptiste, Elder (perpetual)
Anthony Nakazawa, Elder (perpetual)


Academic Policy Committee members are elected by parents and school staff in the spring. However, when vacancies occur, the board votes to fill a seat for the remaining term.

Officers are voted on by APC members and serve for one year.

The public is invited to attend any and all APC meetings - agendas are posted at the school a few days prior to the meeting.

We allow a maximum of 30 minutes in the beginning and end of the meeting for public comment.

"House rules": The APC reserves the right to ask anyone who is under the influence of drugs or alcohol or who uses profanity or addresses anyone in a derogatory way or wishes to speak of staff of ANCCS to leave the meeting with or without finishing their public comment.